MVMNT is passionate about serving youth. We don’t have a good foreseeable future without them. Its never been easy being a teen. Bodies are changing, friend groups are shifting and your biology is working against you. You’re working your way through the system, buried by school work, maybe working a part time job. It sure wasn’t easy when I was a teen.

I was bullied hard for 2 straight years. A group of individuals made sure that I didn’t have a friend in the world. I fought a lot. I went home devastated every single day for grade 7 and 8. My future seemed bleak and hopeless. It crushed my confidence, weakened my resolve and it led me to develop some pretty big negative behaviours that stayed with me for more than a decade. To those that think that bullying is just “kids being kids” – remember this, suicide is the #3 killer of adolescents. The right mixture of isolation, bullying, and lack of support can create a toxic cocktail.

When I was a teen, there was no social media. There was no Facebook, no Twitter. At home, I was safe. That’s not the reality for teens today. Not only are their entire lives being lived out on social media 24/7, access to constant media from local and global sources shows youth all the bad things that are happening outside of their immediate circle. Its creating a very stressful environment for those not fully equipped to handle these stressors. Lets not forget that some face extreme stressors and poor living situations at home. Home is meant to be safe, but often thats not the case.

Youth programs at MVMNT serve a few purposes:

  • physical activity
  • mindfulness work
  • community
  • a safe place to go

We invite youth to come and take part in engaging physical activities. Yoga flows, marital arts inspired workouts, wrestling, outdoor activities and creative endeavours. We provide youth mentors that are young at heart, are inspiring and healthy role models and are skilled at their craft.

Our Girlvana programs use raw conversation and meditation as powerful tools. These tools help teens open up, develop coping skills to everyday stressors and get them in their heads and their hearts. We us simple activities to get some serious results. MVMNT would like to thank Girlvana creator Alex Mazerolle for creating this life changing program. You can read more about her vision at We hope to share this work with as many youth as possible.

Level Up is a safe and healthy physical outlet for all teens (boys and girls 13-18). We provide various activities, a safe space, learning opportunities and strong role models. Its been proven over and over again that participation in sports, clubs and out of school activities leads to better school performance, higher rates of graduation and an overall sense of improved life circumstances.

Programs are offered at schools, community centres, clubs and residences. Girlvana and Level Up programs are also offered in studio several times a week.

If you’d like to find out how your group can take advantage of our programs, send an email to [email protected]