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Members – How to join our Live Stream Classes

Here’s how we’ve shifted online. With a few extra steps you can continue to practice with your favourite teachers… home LIVE.

We’re partnering with FitGrid (a fitness technology company) and Zoom (an online live-streaming service) to live-stream your favorite classes so that you can stay active and connected during this uncertain time.

While connecting online is not the same as being with us in person – it’s pretty amazing that we all have this great opportunity to connect with one another face to face with real live streamed classes.

For ease and comfort you’ll do what you’ve always done – book your classes through mindbody – then attend your favourite class with us live in person! Can’t make the live class? Register anyways and you can watch the recorded class at another time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign into your MINDBODY account and ensure that your email address is correct, and that you’ve opted in to receive emails from us.
  2. Set your email account so that messages from “[email protected]” always arrive in your inbox, and are never marked as spam. Here’s a guide for how to do this in Gmail.
  3. View our class schedule on mindbody the same way you always do.
  4. Sign up for any class with “ONLINE LIVE STREAM” in the name and check out normally. You’ll receive a confirmation email from FitGrid soon after.
  5. Once you’re within 60 minutes of the class’ scheduled start time, you’ll receive another email from FitGrid with a unique link to access the live stream. Not seeing the email? Search your spam and promotions folders. Look for subject lines containing the phrase “live-stream link”.
  6. Make sure you are in a place with a good internet connection–otherwise, the stream may skip!
  7. Click your unique link a few minutes before class is scheduled to start. Links are private, secure and unsharable for your protection.
  8. If you have the Zoom application on your device already, you’ll join immediately.
  9. If you do not have the Zoom application on your device, you’ll be prompted to download it.

** Bonus! Ask to join MVMNT ONLINE, our private Facebook community where we share our playlists and pre-recorded classes for you so can watch classes at any time that suits you!****

P.S. If your cat is on your mat or your kids need you to make them cereal or your internet cuts out in the middle of the class…..that’s ok. Hit your link again and hop back on when you can! It doesn’t interrupt us and you still get the benefit of all your favourite classes. This is real life. It doesn’t have to be perfect. We’re just so grateful that we have the opportunity to teach you on this platform.

That’s all there is to it! Thank you for staying active and being a part of our community. Looking forward to seeing you in (virtual) class!

Sharing is caring! Please tell your friends and family about our services if you think they could benefit from at home yoga, fitness and meditation programs.


Is it the cost of my membership plus the $25/m?

No! We have frozen your regular memberships and those will be available when we reopen our studio. It’s only $25/m for all of these amazing online courses (I know…we’re crazy).

My parents/sibling/friends live with me, can they join?

Absolutely! Because we’re virtual anyone can join you in class! It’s a great way to bond with the ones you love.

If I can't make the scheduled time can I still attend the class?

Yes! Ask to join MVMNT ONLINE – our private Facebook group where we will share the edited recordings of the days classes. Please give us a day or 2 to get them uploaded 🙂 

If I can't show up live should I still book?

Yes please do. Booking helps us see what classes are most needed by our students and let’s us get in contact with people for certain classes when needed.

I want to participate in classes by my kids are at home with me and I don't know if I'll be interrupted or not.

Be interrupted! You will be on mute, so if you need to attend to your life (feed kids, get pets out of the room, answer an emergency phone call) – do it. You won’t disturb the class and if you feel like you missed a lot of it – just watch the recording (or any recording) later on in the day. 

Can I pay by emt or cash?

We are only accepting credit card or electronic transfer (bank information) at this time

Where can I see the schedule?

You can view the updated schedule always on our MindBody app. >>Visit this link to get to our studio.<<

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