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Welcome to MVMNT Online

A studio experience helps keep you motivated, committed, and inspired to keep practicing and moving. We all love to practice in person with our favourite teachers and friends in the room so this shift away from in-person classes has been a challenge. We miss having the room filled with familiar faces.

We’ve all had to start practicing at home. But just because you’re practicing at home, it doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Technology makes it possible for us to stay connected. While we can’t physically be together, we can still see each other, connect to our favourite teachers and practice alongside our peers in real time, face to face.

You can ask questions, give feedback and have your teachers TEACH you once again, from the comfort of your home. Our staff of rockstar teachers are here gifting their time so that you can continue your movement practice.

The difference between putting on a YouTube video and attending a real live class is:

a) Connection: You’ll feel connected to your community (you are not alone!).
b) Accountability: You’re more likely to commit to your movement practice when you’ve signed up and your team is waiting for you.
c) Joy: We’re in the same boat as you. Our classes are specifically geared towards you, the current state and time, and what you need to get through your day, week, month ahead.

It’s not the same as coming to the studio in person but it’s the closest thing to getting that live studio experience. The teachers are not actors, these are not cheesy pre-made workout videos. This is real life. Real teachers, real time, real classes.

If you’ve been wondering what it’s like, or wanting to join, but are unsure of what to expect, we’ve compiled a few recordings for you here to check out.

When you’re a MVMNT Virtual Studio member you get unlimited monthly access to these live classes for only $25/month. Join us live for the best experience or opt to watch your favourite classes whenever works for you. We share every well-recorded class on our private Facebook Group MVMNT ONLINE so you can watch your favourite classes at any time you choose. You’ll have access to a huge library of our MVMNT classes at your fingertips.

Miss the music? Follow your favourite teachers on Spotify and listen to our favourite playlists along with your class or choose your own perfect playlists to go with.

What kinds of classes do we have?

Yoga: Vinyasa, Power, Yin, Hatha, Prime of Life Yoga,  long and short flows.

Workouts: Postnatal, Hiit, Tabata, Strength/Rep based, Bootamp, Pilates, Essentrics, Boxing and Barre

Meditation, Breath Work and Speciality Workshops 

Whether you’re just starting out – or have a strong practice already – we’ve got tons of classes for you each week (just a mellow 34 per week at the moment).

If you are ready to join us online, simply login to your Mindbody App, and join us using the online membership price of only $25/month for unlimited access! 

Gentle & Beginner Friendly Yoga

Bedtime Yoga with Amanda

Short Flow with Karla

Vinyasa Flow & Power Yoga

Vinyasa Flow 2 with Lila

BE MOVED with Karla

Pilates & Essentrics

Essentrics with Sharron


Guided Meditation with Karla

Guided Meditation with Beau

Sweaty Workouts

Boxing with Logan

Hiit it Hard with Morgan

Post Natal Workout

Post Natal Workout with Karla

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MVMNT is Online!

During this time, MVMNT and all of our instructors are live streaming! Join us for yoga and fitness classes in the comfort of your home.

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