Dear clients, we are here to tell you that the time has come for us to move on to new endeavours. October 31 will be our last day of operations. We did our very best from day one to continue to provide services to all of our clients during this very challenging time. We taught from home, we quickly figured out complicated technology and we all did it while kids and pets crawled all over us while we were quarantined at home. While it worked for a time it is time to move on.


It is not possible for us to stay in business any longer. Know that we fought hard right until the end but our cards have been laid out for us.


We know how many of you have loved practicing with us at home so we are sorry to break the news to you that MVMNT as a team if teachers will no longer exist. Managing and running an online studio with so many teachers is not possible for us right now. You can expect our teachers to break off on their own and know we give them our blessings in whatever path they choose.


To all of our passionate “zoomers,” Karla Treadway will be continuing to teach virtually (solo) and is building a new platform now that is very user friendly, accessible and affordable. Please stay tuned. We will send out communication to everyone subscribed to our mailing list on this website.


We are so grateful for having had this opportunity. We will remember the good days of packed rooms, sweaty classes, hugs, community events and more. We were so happy to serve this small town community for as long as we did.


Thank you so much everyone for showing up for us. We will miss you.


As a thank you to our community we would like to share our video content library and private new membership site with you for free, until the end of November. Please enjoy all of your favourite classes from boxing, bootcamp, meditation and yoga with all of your favourite teachers. 


See the link here to access the site:





We would also like to thank our teaching staff who gave it their all, showed up bright and willing to do the work over the last 6 months and beyond. We couldn’t have one it without you and collectively you helped made this place a home. 



Are you closing for good?

Yes, we are unable to stay afloat with the current climate and covid conditions will last for awhile still.


Will you reopen?

Maybe? I am taking advantage of our time to continue to study and practice yoga and teach online. This sabbatical is well deserved and very necessary. I look forward to growing as a teacher during this time and will possibly consider reopening at another time.


Why aren’t you staying open online?

Again finances are too great and I would like to improve on our offerings and technology however it would take too much of a cash injection to improve on the whole MVMNT platform for each individual teacher. I am choosing to step out on my own as it’s the only way for me to continue to work in this realm at this time. I am in the midst of creating a solo on demand site with upgraded technology, image, sound and usability and will continue to teach live via zoom. The financial and emotional pressure to sustain a large team is too great at this time. I pay my teachers well and the finances are not available to me at this time. 


I still have passes left will I get a refund?

Any purchases made Oct.15th or later will get a full refund. Any purchases before this time will not be refunded. MVMNT had a policy of no expiry dates (where most studio’s have very short expiry dates of 1-3 months). When we shifted online people were able to use their classes online and when we reopened students were able to also use them in person again. It is the students responsibility to use their passes and MVMNT does not take responsibility for any unused passes. We are not in a financial position to be able to provide any refunds of any kind. As a gift we are giving our on demand content to our student base for free until the end of November 2020.


Can you do private 1:1 or group classes via zoom when the studio closes?

Absolutely. Karla Treadway is available for private 1:1 and group sessions please email [email protected] for rates and availability


What will happen to my year long membership?

All membership activity will stop at the end of the month. Any purchases made Oct.15th or later will be refunded. We are unable to refund any purchases made prior to this date. 


Will you sell the equipment in the studio?

All equipment will be sold from the studio and all new merchandise is on sale for 30% off.