So January 1st rolled around the corner and WHAM you were right back to your 5x a week practice or workout routine, healthy eating and drinking habits, daily meditation practice, daily journal and weekly meal prep routine right?

Queue the crickets… If you’re like me… that didn’t happen.

I am pretty disciplined with my health routine most of the time. I commit to daily movement and mindfulness practices, I enjoy a good sweaty workout and I love a weekly simple healthy meal prep.  None of it feels restricting and I do it all because it feels really really good.

So what happened? Christmas happened that’s what. Actually Halloween happened… then a Mexican vacation…THEN CHRISTMAS.  I feel like its been months of celebrating. While I was still moving, practicing and eating kind-of-ish well… I  as also moving less than normal, having many celebratory cocktails and eating a lot of sugar, gluten and all of those things that drain me. I also got a hell-of-a-cold that lasted about 4 weeks and counting.

The result? By the time January came I had ZEROOO energy. A simple body weight workout felt like hell. I would get light headed inverting in yoga class, I was very addicted to my daily bailey’s coffee and chocolate in the afternoon program and I couldn’t seem to shake those sugar addictions.

Go straight to the gym and workout as hard as you can and do a juice cleanse right??? Nope. I couldn’t… it felt like hell. My energy was zapped and my old routine (that I used to love by the way) felt heavy, arduous and stressful.

Not to mention the added stress that it was supposed to be “new year new me” with everyone on the January fitness bandwagon and I was supposed to have ditched all those bad habits by now.

Notice the words “supposed to.” Says who? I quickly shut that voice up and forgave myself (in fact celebrated myself for a wonderful holiday season). I then gently reminded myself that I felt better back then so let’s get back to that place.

Instead of taking away all of my holiday addictions away at once and leaning towards something restrictive or punishing (ie a cleanse or extreme workout program), I took it slow. I just started adding in the good stuff again (instead of taking things away).

I added in longer, brisker dog walks. I added in daily celery juice and weekly meal preps having tons of fresh veggies, proteins and grains on hand. I added in water and green tea. I added in organization and meal planning. I added in my daily meditation practice which had slipped away over Christmas.

A bonus of adding in your daily meditation practice is it decreases your cortisol and increases your self awareness meaning you’ll feel better, eat better and be more inclined to move more often.

If you’re like me and January 1st is actually Jan.15th this year (hey we’re all just following the Ukrainian Gregorian calendar instead no biggie) fear not. A date is just a date and it takes time to build healthy habits again. This is normal. Guilt and shame won’t get you there. Only self love.

woman with prayer hands

Love yourself for having the good time that you needed. Love for yourself for giving you a much needed break. Forgive yourself for any and all unhealthy behaviours and love yourself for choosing a new path.

Take it slow. Take all the time you need. Add in the good. Celebrate small successes and love yourself along the way.

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