What does it mean to embody your yoga practice? An embodied yoga practice means that you make it relevant and real to your life. When you really learn the material and practice and integrate it more into your life. When you realize it’s not just a physical practice and you see it as transformational work.

Yoga is so often practiced as just exercise. We work our bodies so we can become stronger, heal an old injury, become flexible or attain those picture perfect poses we see on Instagram. You’ll get all of these from your practice but I guarantee you you’re missing out if this is where your goals stop.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years for a reason. I know for sure that no sport or exercise program is going to stand up to the test of time like yoga can. People come to yoga because they are looking for something more. They are searching for meaning, they are searching for god they are searching for themselves. You don’t need to practice religion to come to yoga but those who stay in the practice are there because they are searching for something bigger than themselves. They are up to something bigger than just landing a handstand or losing some weight.

Yoga is rich with life lessons that will save us from suffering. Yoga provides us with tools and techniques to heal ourselves. To elevate ourselves. To become powerful. The techniques and tools are taught again and again because they work. If you feel like they’re not working for you ask yourself if you’re really doing the work.

Do you practice daily? Do you apply the philosophy? Do you go within? Do you investigate? Be honest with yourself. Life is busy, this is a discipline and it’s not always enjoyable or easy to commit to getting on the mat each and everyday.

If we use the tools, if we follow the map, if we commit…….the techniques work. It’s been proven again and again. You’ll free yourself of your physical pain. You’ll free yourself from mental struggle. You’ll get over yourself and your laundry list of complaints. You’ll feel powerful again.

If……you do the work.

There’s a thing out there right now called “spiritual entertainment.” It means we are attracted to esoteric, spiritual work, books and practices and we might read and consume the ideas……but we don’t apply them.

Then we wonder why they don’t work.

And this is us just us being human. We need to hold space and compassion for that. No one has to do this practice. No one has to apply it, that’s a choice. But if you’re complaining that the tools aren’t working it’s important to ask if you’re actually doing the work.

We’re opening up our doors in a new way this year. We want to help you really integrate this material. Starting this September is our Embodied Yoga Program. A 12 month yoga teacher training for those who want to learn, or those who want to teach.

You’ll commit to one weekend per month at the studio. You’ll integrate your learned material into your everyday life in between the weekends. You’ll get the chance to dive in a new way. You’ll learn the techniques, you’ll practice the tools, you’ll integrate and apply the material.

By the end of the year you’ll feel empowered, you’ll feel clear, you’ll feel integrated.

Space is limited. Inquire at the studio or email us for more information.