The covid-19 pandemic has been a time of fear, upheaval and change. Never before has the entire world stopped. Never before has the entire world united together for one purpose. With this great discomfort and change has also come…….awakening.


I don’t know about you but I needed this awakening. I needed this forced pause. It has been a gift and giant shining light on the missteps of my life. It’s been showing me what I’ve been suppressing for a very long time. What I’ve been ignoring.


I need to slow down.


I can’t do it all, and the way my life was going wasn’t all that healthy. It was rushed. It was forced, and there were simply too many moving parts. I didn’t get enough sleep. I took on too many projects. I drove too much. I purchased too much and I spread myself too thin. My kids needed more time with me. I needed more time with me. The solution to more was do less.


Now everyone’s lessons in this will be different but these are mine. Some of you may be reconsidering your chosen career choice, your place of residence, your financial planning, your health, your friends or any other matter.


My lesson is slow down.


I simply see how much happier I am when I have to do less. Now bare with me here, I’m not bored. I’m working from home and my kids are there with me to “undo” any work I try to do so I’m blessed with the gift of tasks right now where others are feeling lost or bored. I’m not bored. Far from it. I will welcome boredom if it comes.


My new temporary normal is much much slower than my usual reality. I get enough sleep. I actually spend time in my home. I cook really good food from scratch. I don’t waste time driving to and from activities, work and school ( which used to take about 2 hours of my time each day). I’m gardening and taking care of my animals better.


This slow is showing me immense amounts of joy in the small and mundane. Really looking my children in the eye and listening to their stories without distraction. I’m starting to really get to know them in ways that I hadn’t before. I appreciate them more. I’m loving them even more.


I’m loving my animals and how they show up for me. How they greet me and teach me little lessons like how exciting it is to go out in nature and go for walks. How nice it feels to give and get a little attention and the importance of play.


How food is meant to be enjoyed. Any remnants of a “diet” is long gone and I’ve rediscovered the love of food. The growing, the preparing, the cooking and devouring. How eating for vanity is a worthless pursuit for me and eating for joy can be a simple and worthwhile pleasure. I’ve also noticed how when you take restrictions away from food, and eat and prepare slow – you eventually start eating more intuitively and the fear around overeating goes away.


I’ve noticed that my old friends are still here for me and that borders and oceans may separate us but we’re never that far from each other. That this global community continues whether we are stuck in our living rooms or together at functions in big groups.


I’ve learned what’s important in work and community….and what tasks continue to just keep me busy. I’ve learned that offering services with the sole purpose of SERVING, will always make me happier than the pursuit of profit. I’ve learned that I don’t have to try as hard as I think. I don’t have to constantly re-invent myself, my business or the brand but I can continue to offer what I know and am skilled in and that’s enough. There’s no need to force.


I’ve learned that opening a yoga studio has meant much more computer time than practice time and my body is hurting because of it. I’ve reconnected to the power of practice and how it can save me from suffering both physically and within. The simplicity and intricacy of repetition, inquiry and awareness as a path to wholeness and joy.


I’ve learned that detaching from media is important and that books are better. Writing is better. Practicing yoga and going within is better. Anything really.


Don’t let this time slip past you. Whatever your lessons – looks for what’s good. It’s there. Notice what sustains you during this time period and what deserves to stay. Notice what you don’t miss. Notice your body, your relationships, your work and your head space. What feels better? You may never again get this opportunity to so clearly see what should stay and what should go.


Stay healthy, stay connected and keep practicing yoga.

With grace and grit,

Karla Treadway