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Yin-ning at Life

November 25, 2016

Got more creaks than the tin man? Busier than Trumps publicist? You need some Yin in your life. Long held poses get you some serious length. Learning how to turn off that tension in your body and your mind is a necessary skill for all. Experience depth and fluidity like never before. Tame your inner stress-a-holic and let yourself just breathe through the work.


Short on Time Flow

January 5, 2016

Want the experience of a feel good flow but don’t have an indulgent 90 minutes to do so? This 40 minute flow will give you all the benefits of meditation, strength, vinyasa flows, limberness and community that you’ve been craving. Short held poses, creative sequencing and a deep juicy stretch at the end. You won’t miss out on anything.


Fitness Barre

January 5, 2016

Let your inner ballerina out. If classical dance, strength training and pilates had a baby, this is it. Barre uses isometric exercises, balancing props and light weights combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements. This intense workout will challenge strength, stability, balance and endurance. Result? Strong, long and lean.