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Prenatal Yoga

November 23, 2016

So you’ve turned yourself into two people, now what??? Better not move that body right? Wrong. Feeling slugglish, tired, irritated, bloated, grumpy, restless, stiff??? Yoga will cure all that ails you. Its the magic button, trust us. Not only will this practice help your body feel amazing, it will put your head in the game too. Learn how to connect with your breath, your body and that beautiful new life inside of you. Connect with other women in the community sharing your experience. New view, new body, new friends….there’s really nothing better.


Power Yoga

January 5, 2016

Think yoga can’t be your exercise of choice? Think again. Power yoga uses isometric holds, your own body weight and clever sequencing to build some serious heat and strength in the body. Modern upbeat music will keep you in the game while we stretch, strengthen and build your stamina. Core work, crazy yoga poses, inversions and arm balances may be on the roster. Sweaty? Yes. Fun? You betcha.


Short on Time Flow

January 5, 2016

Want the experience of a feel good flow but don’t have an indulgent 90 minutes to do so? This 40 minute flow will give you all the benefits of meditation, strength, vinyasa flows, limberness and community that you’ve been craving. Short held poses, creative sequencing and a deep juicy stretch at the end. You won’t miss out on anything.