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Power Yoga

January 5, 2016

Think yoga can’t be your exercise of choice? Think again. Power yoga uses isometric holds, your own body weight and clever sequencing to build some serious heat and strength in the body. Modern upbeat music will keep you in the game while we stretch, strengthen and build your stamina. Core work, crazy yoga poses, inversions and arm balances may be on the roster. Sweaty? Yes. Fun? You betcha.



January 5, 2016

This one is just for the teens! Girls ages 13-18. We know its not easy being a teen. You’ve got a lot on your plate. Girlvana uses the tools of meditation, yoga and strong mentorship to create a special place just for you. Dynamic flows, raw open dialogue, creative work and fun uplifting music. This is your safe haven.

*Girlvana is available in studio as well as on location at various schools, clubs and organizations. If you’d like more information on how your youth group can benefit from these programs please contact us at [email protected]*



January 5, 2016

This is your new friday night out. Morgan Bignell and Karla Treadway tag team this beast. 30 minutes of sweaty challenging HIIT, 30 minutes of stretchy feel good yoga. Hydrate with your crew after…….its called balance.