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210 2nd St S, Kenora Ontario

Contemporary Yoga & Fitness studio

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MVMNT is located on beautiful Lake of the Woods in Kenora, Ontario. We are a collective of free thinkers and community well wishers. We offer yoga, barre, pilates, dance, group fitness, marital arts and meditation. MVMNT invests in our community by offering classes specifically tailored to our society. We are passionate about helping youth grow into inspired human beings and we bring the benefits of yoga, meditation and strong mentorship to various at risk communties. Join the MVMNT.



Our Hatha classes focus on correctly aligning the body to improve general posture, breathing and circulation. Hatha is ideal for beginners and those with physical limitations



Need a head to toe tune up? Start your class off with some long held floor poses, working out those deep seated kinks. Once your machine is well oiled and ready to flow you’ll be guided through some vinyasa flows. A little therapy, a little sweat.


Power Yoga

Think yoga can’t be your exercise of choice? Think again. Power yoga uses isometric holds, your own body weight and clever sequencing to build some serious heat and strength in the body. Modern upbeat music will keep you in the game while we stretch, strengthen and build your stamina. Core work, crazy yoga poses, inversions and arm balances may be on the roster. Sweaty? Yes. Fun? You betcha.


  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Module 1 May 8-17, 2020 ~ Module 2 June 5-14th, 2020

    Learn to teach, immersive yourself in yogic studies and enhance your practice. This training is broken into 2 modules, 10 days each this spring. This training is located at beautiful lakeside retreat centre near Kenora ON.

  • The Art of TOUCH, hands on assist training with Karla Treadway Feb 1 + 2 @ MVMNT STUDIO

    Are you a yoga teacher? Do you feel comfortable or underprepared to offer hands on assists in your class? This workshop provides you with tools for safe, empowering and practical assists for your students. Gain confidence and skill in your techniques in a format that’s easily learnable and never forgettable.

  • Grace and Grit Weekend Immersion : Living compassionately in a world that requires you to be fiercely strong Feb 21 -23 @ MVMNT STUDIO with Karla Treadway

    Throughout history human culture has been inherently  harsh. We had harsher conditions to survive –  famine, war, depressions and other acts of suffering that required us to push away our emotions and act of out survival.
    While many parts of the world are still facing these atrocities, much of the 1st world is living comfortably and the basic needs for survival are not only met but surpassed with many living in more than comfortable circumstances.
    With basic survival needs met we have turned our attention to more internal matters. We have a more compassionate world, we talk about mental health, feelings and emotions. We seek fairer circumstances for all, softer ways of being and more relaxation and peace.
    Many have so much. Yet depression, anxiety and mental illness are at higher rates than ever before. At some point during this historical swing I believe that we lost our ability to handle what life throws our way.
    We went from a world where we had to be so tough, to a world where we have become too soft. We need the balance in between.
    We need compassion, love, self care and understanding in this world. We also must have the strength to face our daily life stressors and be able to handle the daily challenges that life presents itself with each day because struggle in life is inevitable.
    Grace and Grit examines the polarities of strength and ease. We look at where we can use each energy to create balance in our life and relationship with self and others.
    We look at both energies as necessary parts of the whole. The light and the dark as required energies for not only surviving but thriving in this modern world.
    Traditional yoga practice promotes just that. It was a discipline, designed to help us safely dip into small amounts of stress while teaching us ways to mitigate those feelings. It was never restorative yoga. It was never easy. It was a practice of grit designed to open us up to grace.
    Grace and Grit is for you if you feel like you need more balance with these energies. This workshop is for you if you’d like to build mental and physical fortitude that allows you to walk through this life with grace and ease.
    Grace and Grit is a mix of lecture, inquiry, asana, pranayama and meditation.
    Friday 6-9pm
    Saturday 9am-5pm
    Sunday 9am-5pm

  • 2 Hour Power Practices Jan.11 3-5pm and Jan.25th 1-3pm with Karla Treadway

    Have you ever done a 2 hour practice? Sound daunting? It’s not. A long practice simply allows for you to do ALL the things. All the things that make yoga so special.
    In a two hour practice you’ll get:
    – a deep dive meditation
    – a long pranayama practice
    – a great gentle warm up
    – a sweaty vinyasa practice
    – the heat and physical prep you really need to try to do those more advanced asanas
    – time to play around
    – deep release in longer held floor poses at the end
    – the savasana of your dreams that will get you to that dream state

    Ask our 2019 grads. Once you’ve had long practices you’ll never want to go back to an hour class again. Curious about YTT? This a great way to dip your toes in.
    This Saturday come for a FREE 2 hour practice (vinyasa + power style) 3-5pm.

    Ready for a challenge and to deepen your practice? This is it.


    FREE for MVMNT 12m membership holders.

    $20 Cash Drop In



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